Goodbye Cubase

I’ve discovered Reaper, so this is a fond farewell to Cubase. Thanks to everyone who has responded with friendly and helpful advice during my relatively brief but frequently frustrating love-hate relationship with Cubase.

The new love in my life is simply amazing. A beautifully laid out manual has me doing things in just a few days that I wouldn’t even have bothered to try to find out how to do in Cubase, and a terrific GUI makes everything seem so simple and obvious compared to Cubase. It’s said that it’s all in the mind whether something works for you or not. Well, if that’s the case then for me Reaper certainly does and Cubase never came close.

I leave with no bad feelings for Cubase, and I wish everyone out there still struggling with it the very best of luck…

Enjoy C.o.c.k.o.s. (forums edited that word out - I had to use punctuation) Reaper!
Its nice for a shareware DAW. Not bad at all.

PS: Pls send me your Cubase dongle and all documentation so that I may verify that you have TRULY given up. :laughing:

I don’t think there is a dongle with any of the Cubase Le versions is there??? :question:

Pee.M.Bee was a Cubase le user

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Cubase 6 is so much better then Reaper
The Operating Manual in Cubase 6 is Awesome and easy to understand :wink:

Pls send me your Cubase dongle and all documentation so that I may verify that you have TRULY given up

Well put it this way, I’ve transferred all my Cubase recordings to Reaper, (drag and drop - easy peasy - try and do that with Cubase), and uninstalled the former. Is that TRULY given up enough for you?

Pee.M.Bee: I’ve transferred all my Cubase Le4 recordings to Cubase 6, drag and drop wasn’t even nessasary.
All Projects opened right up. And I still have Cubase Le4 on my Computer.

Cubase 6, Great Software. Good Job Steinberg :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I understand you Pee Pee. I also did a similar thing when I upgraded my Porsche 911 to a Daewoo. That Porsche only had 2 doors and the Daewoo had 4… clearly a wise decision!

I am behind you 100%

In fact… I am so far behind you… I can not even be seen :laughing:

I think you feel the same way when I discovered Cubase after years of Pro Tools! Good luck!