Goodbye to Steinberg usb dongle - well not quite yet

Just got the news forum summary from Steinberg and browsed it through. There I noticed the announcement that we will get rid of the USB authorization dongle at some stage.

Well, it does not change the world for me but at least one more USB port is freed for some other use.

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This is great news. My two stationary Macs I don’t really have a problem with using the USB dongle but there are many times where I am using my laptop outside of my main or home studio and I’d like to open up WaveLab Pro quickly to check something and I either don’t have a dongle handy, or it’s not worth connecting the dongle to my USB-C to USB normal adapter just to open the program.

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Well, that’s OK. I didn’t mind the USB device - and I still will need it since there are some Vienna Instruments licenses on it.

Unless the whole thing will become obsolete and other partners will also change their system, along with Steinberg?

VSL is moving to iLok.

Thanks, that’s good to know.

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i just hope they don’t move to some cloud-based system… i’d take 5 USB dongles over that any day.


I have some plugins that require an active internet connection to work.
Having the internet go out and having clients in the studio is not fun.
I prefer the hassle of the dongle too.

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I hope that it’s an easy switch. I had a panicky moment yesterday when WL10 wouldn’t start because of elicenser issues. Luckily there was a new download for the app, and that fixed the problem.