Google Drive sync issue

Anyone else noticing a Google Drive sync issue happening with Cubase projects that are stored on Google Drive?

There’s a new version of Google Drive that just got forced on us, and it seems to be doing weird stuff in the background in Cubase such that Cubase alerts me that it couldn’t write-over, or save, the file and that it is renaming the project, “My-Project-01.cpr” instead of “My-Project.cpr”. And then I click OK, and look at the top of Cubase and i see that the project name I’m now working on is “My-Project-01.cpr”.


I have turned off Google sync now while I’m working on projects. It seems to help.

Not ideal.


This scenario is not supported. There are even crashes at some systems, when the project is stored at Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud or similar services directly.


Hmm. Not supported… Well, I’ve never had any problems with it, and been using it for years.
And also, this will become an increasingly common setup, and already has – using online cloud storage, instead of having multiple loose hard drives sitting around with backed up data on it, that isn’t itself backed up, and could be lost in a fire. Online storage solves a lot of problems.

I’m actually thinking Google will figure out this problem at some point. As I said, this is a new version of Google Sync, so it has some bugs.


It has been never tested, therefore not supported. It might work but it’s not guaranteed.

Steinberg products are in the development and new features are coming. So if this will really become common setup, I believe, Steinberg will cover it.

Backup data is something else than the working drive for the storing data in real time.

To me it sounds the issue is more on Google side then.


Seriously… How on earth a local drive (I mean, an actual HDD/SDD one in your system case) could be less reliable than a distant “cloud” one ? This is beyond me, and for several reasons :

  1. What happens if your 'Google drive ’ is not reachable (we have seen this with Facebook recently…) for a more or less valuable reason ?
  2. Do you really think that the internet data stream is quicker than the one you can get with drives on your own setup ? Check infos about SSDs m.2 drives…
  3. What about privacy concerning your work and in which way Google guarantee it ?
  4. Do you really think that making regular backups is such a hassle that a ‘cloud’ solution is better ? The day it won’t be reachable for any reason, you’ll still have your eyes to weep. And there are still simple solutions for any ‘fire’ threat : if needed, either use an USB key or an external drive for backups…

My point is : Steinberg doesn’t support this kind of solution for a reason. And the fact that you started this thread says more than needed to be aware of any realtime ‘cloud’ solution…

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Google sync means you can store a copy on your local drive, and when working in Cubase you are accessing that local copy. So the accessibility to your files isn’t a problem, nor is the streaming.

Privacy, sure. That’s a decent point.

The cloud solution is phenomenal in terms of sharing projects between computers, keeping a backup that itself is also backed up, and with multiple versions of files from the past. It’s a disaster recovery option too in the event your entire house blows up.

And… and… and… it’s been working just fine for me for years.

I have used a handful of cloud services thru the years. I have had issues with all of them when used as cubase project folder. I instead use a dedicated SSD for projects. I then use a “sync” program to copy my project drive to a cloud folder. I can fire that up with one keystroke or set it to autorun if cubase is closed down or Windows is shutting down. My cloud folder is replicated on a local NAS that again is backed up nightly to another NAS. So I usually have 1 copy in project drive, 1 copy on another drive, 1 on the first NAS and a backup of that 1 on the other NAS. = 4 local copies + 1 cloud copy. There are many many ways of doing backups, my way is really cheap and there are concerns about corrupt files replicating. But there is also the benefit of having the cloud files on a NAS that I can access from any local computer if the Internet connection is down. Ahh and then there is archiving, that’s a other discussion, where I would not use anything cloud based.


That’s a lot of backups. But more is better.
I like that one-click option.

Right now, I just turn Google Sync Off while working, then turn it back on. That seems to avoid the problem of it having trouble saving the project file in the background as the same name, and/or swapping .bak files around, as it seems to do.

FWIW, I use the service which copies files live to their storage in the er… cloud. Never an issue, completely transparent.

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thanks, I’ll check it.
You open projects directly off of that drive that is synced up to the cloud?
And is the backup immediate, whenever a file changes? That’s what seems to be the issue with Google Sync right now. I need to have it back up less frequently. I don’t think there’s a setting for that.

I’m not really recommending it, just saying that different services use different methods to copy files. Of course it backs up from the directory I’m working in.

I use Windows File History for my primary backup, Sync for an off-site copy and Macrium Free version for a daily disk image.

I don’t F around when it comes to backups.

Backup is the most important aspect of computing imo. I wouldn’t use a free service

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