Google nexus 7 with edirol ua25; working!

Hi all. I bought a google nexus 7 last year. then later I got an ik multimedia I-mic. mistake! turned out the nexus 7 headphone socket doesn’t provide an input function. small print! so I forgot about using nexus 7 for recording. then somebody gave me his old edirol ua25. turns out that it is on the list of compatible devices for audio evolution mobile daw app for android. I already had evolution but had to buy usb audio special driver (£4.21) and a special usb cable (£2). so, tried it today and it works! was able to plug in 2 phantom powered tie clip mics and record in stereo. edirol is bus powered by the nexus. handy info if any of you have this gear… obviously I wouldn’t use it for serious work but I have to say it’s a handy backup for my m-audio microtrack. ed