Goove Agent One crashing Cubase 6.5 "Runtime..."error

I’ve been a Cubase user for a number of years so I’m used to dealing with the occasional crash or BSOD but this has me stumped. Whenever I try to open Groove Agent, Padshop, Halion Sonic SE or Retrologue, Cubase 6.5 crashes with the “Runtime…” error. All songs that use those plugins crash Cubase with the same error. Uninstalled those VSTi’s and the songs loaded with the ‘missing…’ message, but no crash. Tried ‘repair’, no luck. Tried uninstalling Cubase and reinstalling. No luck. Same thing. Tried uninstalling VSTi’s and reinstalling. No luck. Same plugins, same crash. Tried erasing ‘default.xml’ files. Same thing. Cleaned the registry. Same thing. Only happens with these plugins, everything else is fine.

Anybody have any ideas. I know I’m missing something.

I should have mentioned my actions before this problem started. I installed Wavelab LE. Wavelab LE’s activation is a soft-license which goes to the e-licenser. Without realizing it I activated it on my I-Lok usb. Shouldn’t really have made a difference I guess but Wavelab kept crashing. So I got in touch with Steinberg and they gave me another code for the e-licenser which I installed to e-licenser. Wavelab still crashed so I uninstalled it and haven’t been back. Now I have two Wavelab activations. One on the I-Lok, one on the e-licenser.
I’m curious. The license for Cubase is on the e-licenser. If that was somehow corrupted by Wavelab would that affect GrooveAgent, Halion, Padshop and Retrologue which are part of the Cubase suite. Could be huh? But everything else in Cubase works just fine.
I’ve learned over the years that when Cubase crashes the first thing you do is STAY CALM. The second thing you DON’T do is start erasing, renaming and moving files around without a good reason, so I’m a little reluctant to touch e-licenser until I hear from someone with more knowledge than myself.
Still, I have my suspicions.