Gopro videos in Cubase

I’ve started to work with short Gopro movies and use Cubase to write/record scores. I am looking for any advice from other users. Some questions I have are as follows:

  1. Are there video format settings for Gopro that are best for Cubase? i.e. so that I can put them directly into Cubase.
  2. If not, what format would you recommend that I record in and then what format should I transfer them to?
  3. Would it help to work with a smaller, lower resolution video version in Cubase while creating the score and then use Pinnacle to bring video and audio together.
  4. Any other advice would be helpful.

BTW, I am not looking to upgrade to Neuendo right now since this is only for a few small videos but let me know what you think.


Start with the manual chapter: “Video” !?

Thanks so much for this most excellent advice. Already did that. Do you have any other useful contributions.

My query above was intended to prompt other users to share their approach to working with Gopro videos. Video handling in C10.5 seems fairly limited and, based on the lack of responses, I will assume that my present workflow (item 3 above) is reasonable.