GoPro VR player remote doesn't work

Hi everyone,
I’ve come to having new needs in nuendo, when i started working on VR projects lately
I bought an oculus quest 2 with a link cable to be able to monitor my work in real time
I managed to configure my session’s routing to work in ambisonics and monitor my work in stereo, which is what i want, but i unfortunately can’t make the gopro vr player remote work.
I followed the instructions displayed here :

Soft versions :
Nuendo 10.3
GoPro VR player 3.0.5

I’ve dowloaded a 360 video that i can read independently in both nuendo and gopro, the IP port are the same in gopro and nuendo, i’ve tried with both the default ip and my ipv4/ipv6 (that might be the problem though, but both the softs are on the same machine)

HELP ! :laughing:

I’m having a similar problem, I can get a connection however, but then a “wrong file format” error message from GoPro when trying to sync.
I wish there was a tutorial video somewhere.

You should probably try with another video to solve the issue ?
I’ve had steinberg on the phone, yet they couldn’t figure a solution for now. My case is moving up the chain and they’ll contact me next week, i’ll keep you updated