Gospel/Afro-American music and it's influence...

in American Music history.

A song from, “Blessed & Cursed,” a movie I streamed from Netflix. Not trying to push the movie, the message, or the religion, but rather, the rhythm section… can you feel it? Does it get close to the source?

Judah - Let Me Hear You Praise!

In my opinion, a great part of American Music (blues, jazz, rock n’ roll, etc.) originates from out of the African-American experience and resulting culture - world wide. A lot of prominent musicians fail to recognize the roots of their own style and how it historically came about.


I wonder if failing to recognize the artists that came before, those who’s influence is undeniable (to the point of being plagiarized), is a “generational” thing … or sometimes “fashionable”? The Stones were known for not only acknowledging their influences, but going to great lengths to promote them. Same can be said for Peter Green, and Clapton. They seemed genuine and walked-it-like-they-talked-it.

But clearly there were far more “artistes” that blatantly ripped off the originators and never gave an iota of credit.

The carefully crafted mainstream “artistes” that the record companies cultivate these days seem well trained in citing their “influences” in interviews on CMT and VH1. Brooks and Dunn never miss an opportunity to recall their gospel roots, and it’s probably heartfelt and genuine. Their target audience would certainly see that as a big positive. In any case, those record marketing gurus know their game, don’t they? Whether real or gloss, they exploit it.

Totally agree. Hence the term “holy roller”… and those folks are probably not concerned about the lifting of their sound/methods… but it should be acknowledged in all fairness.

They can roll! :mrgreen: