Gospel blues with live drums, guitar, vocal

I just uploaded a new song. It’s a laid back gospel blues with vocal, lead guitar, and Hammond organ (NI B4II).

I used the Waves Maserati vocal plugin on the vocal. I used the Waves Kramer drum plugin on the BD, snare and OH. The toms got the Slate VCC and the Nomad FActory British compressor.
The guitar was recorded direct as well as a miked amp. The direct track was processed with Amplitube.
Thanks for listening.

Great blues track, nice guitar work, can you tell me the whole vocal path please? or is it totally the Maserati plugin?..particularly the mic…Kevin

The vocal (actually all of it except the guitar) was recorded in August 2012. I finally got around to adding the guitar last weekend. So unfortunately I don’t remember the exact mic I used. There were tow or three I was using around that time.
I may have used my Sennheiser MK4, that I got last summer. I used that for some vocals I recorded last summer.
It could also have been the Sterling ST79, which I went back to for something I recorded last summer.
It might even have been my old GT Electronics AM51, which I might have decided to try out for its breathy high end.

The mic pre/channel strip was a focusrite green range Voice Box. I don’t use the EQ on the unit going in. I do use a little compression. The Voice Box’s compressor is very transparent, evening out the dynamic range without me being able to tell it’s working.

The converter was a MOTU 2408mk3.

When mixing, all I put on it was the Maserati plugin. It’s an entire channel strip complete with compression, EQ and an “air” knob so I didn’t think it needed anything else. For reverb , I decided to use Pristine Space Lite with a vocal plate impulse.

Mix and song sounds quite good. How do you like the Maz plug ins?

Really does sound good and crystal clear. Is this what you are referring to by Waves? Waves Maserati Collection They seem pretty reasonably priced

thanks for the info on the vox…Kevin

yes agree the vocal effect does sound good and puts it in it`s own space , guitar tone is nice and it sounds like you are playing with a bottle neck at times ,good whammy bar technique.

Those are the ones. I have all of them, though I didn’t get them as a bundle.
I’m very happy with all of the plugins in the Maserati bundle. The guitar plugin gives distorted guitars a rich creamy character, and the bass plugin really fattens synth basses. The Harmonic Generator plugin is great on synths.
Waves site info on the vocal plugin:


I enjoyed the song, first of all. Nice guitar playing – sounds good.

But seriously… the hat is too loud and samey. I good tip I read years ago was to get your sequenced drums tight, but allow some variation in velocity to evoke realism. My overall problem with the tune is that it comes off as one of those Rhythm Accompaniment organs or something – very robotic, repetitive. It’s an issue ALL of us “one-man-band” guys face, because although we’re usually proficient on one instrument, we’re only just adequate on others. Also, I’m not sure I’m not wanting more bass and kick, for a real solid low end, although that desire may be due to the hat making them SEEM to be a bit low in the mix.

Cheers :sunglasses: