Gospel music made with cubase



I know this is the internet, but jeez…no introduction? Just a link?

Besides, religion is too touchy a subject so I’m afraid I won’t comment.

I think they’re just using this site as a promotional tool…

My name is Amo, living in Amsterdam originally from Ghana, west Africa. I run a multimedia company specializing in Gospel and African music. sorry for not introducing myself. this is not a promotional gig. i thought it was a place for music made in cubase? I’m new here so have to learn how to get around. thank you.

And why is my faith a touchy subject? unless faith based music is prohibited here, but the last time i checked, religious music has inspired almost all kinds of music.

Like any forum it’s a “community” and not simply a place to showcase music. What you did was the online equivalent of handing someone on the street a CD of your music and saying not one word and then walking away. You’d be scratching your head thinking “huh?” ;D Anyway, welcome to the forum Amo.

It’s your faith, but it isn’t my faith, personally I won’t comment or discuss on anything to do with any religion. I wish you the best of luck with your music though of course.

wow, i just got hear!!! sorry that i offended you. but you keep saying you are not going to comment, but u do? after your reply, i wrote who i was but i guess its not enough anymore. i recently decided to be actively involved in forums and stuff so expect more mistakes from me.

i listened to other people’s songs here and some of them also had only the link, but then i think i get picked on bcos its a christian song? i run a studio business, anyone with any belief can record in my place, i dont discriminate bcos of someones belief. some believe in God, some in themselves, others in objects, doesnt matter over here.

we are a billion or so on our planet with different beliefs so try to deal with it. and lots of people listen to gospel even though they dont believe the lyrics.

or maybe steiny shld ban the use of cubase for religious music.

please dont make my thing hear a religious debate, respect what i do, im here to learn and apply myself

You seem to take things very personally that are said in a general manner. No one said you can’t share your religious did they? Yet you say you’re being picked on just because one person doesn’t wish to critique the music because of the religious context?

If anything, I am respecting your beliefs and decision to write this music but you seem to have trouble respecting the fact that I do not wish to critique something religious. If this is your reaction to someone saying “good luck with your music, but I do not wish to comment” what will your reaction be, I wonder, if I begin my critique by saying the lyrics “total worship” and the entire idea that it’s founded on is completely absurd and stupid. You’d be offended right?

You’re also confused about the word discriminate.

I think you need to learn to accept that not everyone has the same beliefs as you. I wished you good luck with your music, what more do you really want? The person making it a debate is you, I said good luck but I don’t wish to comment on the music and you retorted very defensively instead of just accepting it.

wow!!! okay!! i think you are having a bad day, sorry for getting you started.

I think I’ve given enough of my time trying to be rational with a clearly irrational person.

thanks for your time, bully.

that’s the trouble with religious people…they just cant keep religion out of things can they…no religion=no trouble in the world

well said jonathan5456

Let’s say something about the music. Firstly, there are some very good vocalists involved there. Also the production sounds quite professional to me but the soundscape is a bit too commercial/overly sweet - reminds me of the live-aid in the 80s. However, towards the end at around 2:41 things seem to get going and the production starts to get some edge. Liked also the descending, jazzy piano/bass riff at around 2:54. I would have left out the cheesy ending and done a fadeout earlier when things were going strong.

I didn’t think it’d be such a big deal to politely say good luck but I don’t wish to comment. The trouble is that the stereotype this guy falls into they think everyone should respect them and their religious beliefs, but they don’t respect that others don’t have that same belief. I was respectful to begin with, I welcomed him to the forum, said good luck with his music and he still got upset. There isn’t much more you can do really, but since I’m not allowed to not have an opinion I guess I might as well briefly give it.

I would like to point out that the Catholic church not only hinders progress of disease in Africa, but they purposely lie and tell citizens that using condoms will actually increase the chance of getting aids. I have serious issues with a church that harms people in any way. Any religion that requires you to go up to the stage and put a dollar in the box is bogus anyway. This guy is just brainwashed and so are the lyrics in this song. “Total worship” I mean god damn that’s some pretty brainwashed lyrics xD The singers did have very good voices, especially the first girl. The chords and melodies were both good too, but the lyrics to me, being a non-religious person, are both laughable and utterly stupid to the point of thinking you must have been brainwashed to write them. This is my religious opinion (Jedi, an acknowledged religion) that the lyrics are bothlaughable and stupid, so you should respect that opinion just the same as I respect your opinion that you think the lyrics are “godly” or “heavenly.” In fact, the lyrics were so bad they actually made me cringe. I’m guessing your target market is purely Christian’s though so in that context I can see a well-written song like this doing well. And I’m done, I’ve given my opinion on the musical content :smiling_imp:

Thank you for posting Ofie, good luck with your business endeavours and interaction with clients. I genuinely wish you every success.

The problem with politics and religion is 12345678910111213, disagree with respect or keep it to yourself please.

You have some fine vocalists here and I too have proudly played on many gospel records, with many fine and not so fine people. I am always surprised when anyone passes judgement on anyone’s faith or life experiences and assume they know another’s heart. Please be careful when doing this and take a breath 1st.

I know how difficult it is to mix music that has so much going on and I would say that in this style you have done very well. Maybe where the angelic female vocalists are singing I would thin out the male ad libs they detract for me from the vocalists charm.

Your beliefs are perfect because they work for you. Thanks for sharing music and your skills please continue.

If i’ve offend here feel free to have a drink prior to writing back lol

the posts did show respect and the religious person ended up calling jonathan5456 a bully…bit of respect from religious people would be nice…and why did you feel you had to almost apologize at the end in case you had caused offense ? there was nothing in your post that could possibly cause offense…

I totally agree, there is nothing in that post that could offend someone. To summarise once and for all in regards to the arising of what shouldn’t be a big deal to either side.

How did that polite manner above provoke such a response as below? Did I at any point suggest religious music shouldn’t be allowed to be posted or banned in my above statement? Why would an educated adult jump to such extreme conclusions from nothing? I’m just asking questions here.

I welcomed him to the forum and immediately he’s dramatically defensive.

Saying you do not wish to comment is not “picking” on someone. Again, he’s overtly defensive and hyper-sensitive. I also said I didn’t wish to comment on anything religious and he defensively thinks he’s being “picked” on for specifically being Christian. Once again jumping to conclusions and making drama about something that wasn’t said nor remotely implied.

“so try to deal with it.” Any educated person can see that someone saying in a polite and calm manner “I do not wish to comment, but I wish you good luck with your music” is actually dealing with it in an educated, mature and adult manner.

Nothing I said even remotely suggested this. To imply that from what I respectfully said is disrespectful and leaping to dramatic conclusions. It’s almost like he wants to feel persecuted the way he conjures it from nothing.

If anyone feels that his comments of implying that I suggested religious music should be banned are justified please say so but I believe I’ve made my points in a calm and rational manner without any accusations or name-calling. Thankyou.

thanks hko, will keep this in mind. I dont know why but I always do the big bang thing at the end. I thought it was getting too much in my productions. so i have toned down on that. I like a little bit of “jazziness” in my productions. thats what conservatory does to you.

well this thread is interesting :smiley:

people post their music here for a few reasons, to show what they have done, to get feed back on what could have been done which includes everything from production to instruments used to performances of those instruments and the lyrical content etc.

i would start by saying all the people performing on this song are very talented, i thought stacey monseni (i spelled this from memory, apologies if its wrong) was a stand out, dont know why i was drawn to her as this is not my thing, but there is something about her voice,

i’m sure people who like this sort of thing will really appreciate what you have accomplished with this song, good performers and it sounds professional.

i wouldn’t normally comment on lyrical content and i especially ain’t going to start now but i must leap to jonathans defence here, not being religious can be tough, especially in a world of political correctness, everything that we say gets twisted into something bad, being an outsider of religion looking in, i find myself walking on eggshells, i could spend two life times learning all religions just so i know how not to offend someone, why should i be made to feel this way, the way i see it is religious people need to understand we are not all religious and if we say something that offends then dont take it to heart, only judge us on our intent, and in most cases there is no intention to offend.

i have a friend who was over an hour late for work because a muslim parked his car in front of his space while he went to the mosque, this of course made my friend very angry and rightly so, he lost wages and got in trouble at work, the muslim laughed and said he had to get to the mosque, it is illegal to block someone else’s space but yet that didn’t matter to him, the point is there are alot of people who look for offence in the things we say so they can play the victim and get what they want. in my view this disrespects the religion they are supposed to believe in.

here in scotland a few years ago, a schools nativity play was cancelled by the authorities through fear it might upset some of the other growing religious communities, this is something kids tend to enjoy as do the parents so that didn’t sit well with me, a nurse was forced to remove her crucifix in case it offends others while while Muslims refusal to move their face scarf things threatens national security every time they enter an airport as a terrorist could easily disguise themselves as a genuine honest believer. religious people dont always get that they interfere with our lives more than we interfere with theirs, i could go on but thats not what this forum is about,

suppose after all this all i’m saying is us non religious folk try to keep our selves to our selves and let you religious folk get on with it so jonathans no comment was a fair comment.

can i also just add that you have not offended me in anyway and i welcome the musical talent you provide, all i ask is you pay particular attention when i say we walk on eggshells trying not to offend you because this in turn means we sometimes offend you.

agree with jonathan and THS…from now on I will not dare go near or comment on anything with religious content…best keep away because we are not actually allowed to disagree with them…it’s sad that jonathan ended up having to spell it out…