Got a license for Cubase Elements 6, new laptop, what to do?!

So, after some checking and reading here and there i am not sure what i have to do exactly, and i need 100% confirmation by Steinberg alone on this. I read that i cannot use my one time license for version 6, is this correct?! When i bought my license i was told it is onetime license for ever, and i suspect that i need to buy a new license for Cubase again though and this pisses me off :frowning: . I mean you buy a license, and it is supposed to be for ever, it is not exactly a really OLD version of Cubase. It is really bad i cannot contact Steinberg instant cause the official retailer here in Athens/Hellas, by phone, did very bad support. He told me it is not worth to buy the same but by a new something like that, and it was not clear what i can actually do and why it is at it is with my Elements 6 version.

So, i bought Cubase Elements 6 year 2012, with no dongle cause they did not in any way come with a usb-stick then as i recall, and i used Windows 7 on my laptop i had since 2011. Never installed Win 10 on it, and now i have a new laptop with Win 10 etc. My question is simple: What can i do to use my license? Do i REALLY have to buy a new license weather it is Elements or Artist package?


This is a user forum, not official Steinberg support.

If you have registered your software you should be able to go through the reactivation process.

Do you see your license in your MySteinberg account?

I suspected that, but i have the impression i saw some employee in here but might be wrong. No, i don’t see my license in my account after putting in my activation code. I also read on the site that licenses regarding before version 7 CANNOT be activated on another computer. BUT, if this is true then i am so angry right now because when i bought Elements 6 in 2012 i was told that my 6 version was forever and if i update to 7, or as i want to update to 10 now, logically i add to the price of course! So, this is basically a simple question, but since the official retailer here cannot answer such a simple question over the phone as of today i am here and now i have to go the physical store to figure this out. As i said, basically i read the answer to my question: I unfortunately cannot use my paid (!) 6 elements version on my new lap top, and that i have to buy version 10 (yes i was going to upgrade as well!) as total price :confused: !!!

I just wanted to double check it here as well if this is really true. Very unsatisfied with Steinberg at this moment.

Of course you can use your Elements 6 version on your new laptop! Given the laptop fulfills the system requirements.

I was now told that Elements 6 does not work with Win 10, but only up until earlier version of Win 8.1. However the support here told me to find the elicenser control center code on my older laptop with Win 7, that my friend got from me, and give it to him in order to solve the issue somehow. My new laptop is with Win 10 of course, so obviously it cannot be installed on that pc.

But the existing License can be updated to a Version that does.

This is the status regarding the process with the official retailer here now. They did not find me with my elicenser control center code obviously, which sounds bad and off to me! We where talking through the phone. Now i sent my activation code to them in order for Steinberg to take an extra look into my account and registration information and we will know next step by Tuesday I also want to update from this license to Cubase artist 10.5. That was the main point also for buying a new lap top.