Got an Cubase/Midi issue.

Hi, I’m in the process of rendering some midi tracks to audio. Instrument: Halion Sonic 2 ,Program: Tripod.
The rendered result doesnt sound like the vst instrument when comparing with what you rendered from.
I hit a roadblock trying to figure out what is the cause.
If i had an issue with midi timecode, wouldnt it affect my other midi tracks. I’ve been layering with the same midi Slice. And I can’t notice any issues with the other tracks i’ve rendered today.
I should mention that I havent worked With midi for years, and I an very rusty :wink:
So if you don’t know what im struggling with, but can point me to some awsome educational videos.
I would appriciate it.

Have you checked out Groove3?

Just about every VST Instrument and DAW is on there.

Hi jamusic, no i havent. Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Yeah - you can go yearly, monthly or just purchase each series individually if that’s all you need.