Got An Issue After Installing 'VST Connect SE/Pro 5.5.10'

Hello Friends,

I have installed VST Connect SE/Pro 5.5.10 on my Windows 10 PC. After installing this my computer got restarted automatically showing this display “Scanning and repairing drive (C:).” I don’t have any idea why this happens. Can anyone help me to figure out the issue?

Welcome. Very sure that this has nothing to do with VST Connect at all, as we have never heard this before and the installer is a standard Steinberg installer.

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It doesn’t harm and can possibly fix drive problems.

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Friends after doing the SFC scan, the problem got solved. But now I am having the same issue. I do not understand what could be the issue.

Can only repeat this has nothing to do with VST Connect. If the system repeatedly asks to scan the drive, it is most likely broken and you should take action so not to loose data.
I suggest to make a clone (complete copy) to a new drive with a cloning program, and use the new drive instead. That also makes the old - and probably damaged - drive a great backup source.

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Then what to do now. May I uninstall this and then reinstall again?

sure but I told you your drive is the problem, make a copy and replace the drive. You may reinstall but that won’t help your drive hardware problem.

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I think if I updated the device driver, then the problem can be solved. I am not sure.

but @musicullum, some article suggested disabling the disk checker at boot. What do you think, this method will perform perfectly.

Disabling a checker that detects problems is an interesting approach called fiddling while Rome burns (den Kopf in den Sand stecken). imho you are living dangerously and may loose all data if you don’t backup and replace the drive, but that’s just me.

Ok lets see what happens after replacing it.