got my order in for 7.5

ach, xmas is coming and it will give me some new toy to play with! will install on home laptop for testing/learning, but leave studio installation 7.06 alone… ordered boxed upgrade today. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to hear about your testing, please give a full review of pro and cons :slight_smile: I have 7.06 working great and I’m afraid to upgrade because of prior C7 issues lol

yes, I won’t put it on my studio pc because I need that to be reliable. putting it on the laptop at home means I can get used to it over a few weeks and await the inevitable update patches in safety. I think the upgrade price is reasonable for what is new and the workflow enhancements. got it ordered from absolute music solutions for £42.50 including postage from one end of uk (Bournemouth) to top end (Glasgow).

Im thinking of upgrading from 7.06, I will be interested in what u think of the new 7.5…not a bad price either £42.50 :mrgreen:

Maybe my brain is already fried, but I seem to remember that when I upgraded from 6 to 6.5, the latter did not overwrite the former and I had both versions on my computer. So maybe the relationship between 7 and 7.5 will be the same?

49.99 euros
42.50 pounds
49.99 US dollars

Of course I like that we Americans have to pay less (50 euros is almost $70 and 42.50 pounds is about the same amount in USD), but I can’t help thinking it’s not really fair… :laughing:

American pay less because we are trying to help our backwards cousins! :wink: (just a joke). the real reason is that in the UK we are always ripped off with higher taxes… Ed

It largely depends on where you live in the US. Here in CA (but also in NY, WA, HI etc.) our taxes are just as high as in western Europe, with property taxes actually being even higher. The real problem is that while Europeans get something back from their government (low-cost education, health care etc.), we get almost nothing, at least compared to what we spend. But I agree that businesses pay less taxes here. Or none at all, in some cases…

Can’t seem to pre-order from here yet.

My problem as well for for the last 3 days…

Can you actually by an update in USA from a store like Sweetwater or Gtr Center? I always thought updates in the .5 variety were online only.

I would prefer if possible to get it from my vendors, its only right to support them in anyway possible!

Oh and can you please share a definition for “Backwards Cousin” I’ve never heard this said in USA

After reading this I had to rethink.

Steiny has made it soooo easy to just get stuff on-line
that i don’t even think about it anymore.

I now just order it.

Getting a version of software from vendors might not be as convenient
as getting it from Steiny but it does seem to be the ‘right thing to do’

But is this just ‘old guy old school’ thinking?


But is this just ‘old guy old school’ thinking?

I resemble that remark!!!

I bought some of the last updates from Steinberg as download and didn’t like the hassle with only storing files for a short time (yes, I do normally keep a backup but I had a particular issue at the time). so I went for boxed version for Cubase 7 and now 7.5. p.s. backwards cousins was simply a comedic reference to our historical domination of the colonies. nothing to get worried about! Ed

I don’t believe you can buy such an update from music stores.

Oh and can you please share a definition for “Backwards Cousin” I’ve never heard this said in USA

Not my word (you read it in a quote), ask eddiemacarthur. (I’m definitely NOT an American “exceptionalist”…)

BTW, Why is it cheaper for America. Shouldn’t it be opposite, cheaper here in Europe and more expensive in America?
In opposite, American things are cheaper there, and more expensive here. I don’t get it why Americans pay less for the same product. Any ideas?

don’t know. Scotch Whisky made in Scotland is apparently cheaper to buy in USA and Europe than in Scotland, because of alcohol taxes!

Hi all,

The 7.5 update will be available from December 4, 2013, from Steinberg dealers worldwide as a boxed version and in the Steinberg Online Shop as a download version. While the boxed update includes 3.5 GB content and requires a 500 MB application installer download, the download update version available through the Steinberg Online Shop requires the download of the content as well as the application installer (4 GB download). The Cubase Artist 7.5 Update is available as a 4 GB download only.


Seeing as how there’s still no printed manual, I’ll probably go for the download this time. :wink:

Yes, i would really kill for a paper manual to !!

i shall be Updating from Artist 7 to 7.5 in (hopefullk) less than 3 x hours (UK time) !! :mrgreen: