Got New Computer. How to reinstall Cubase 6.5 (Upgraded)

just got a new computer. What is the easiest way to reinstall my upgraded version of Cubase 6.5 ?..

Thanks ANYONE?

Use the instal disc, then apply the update… - Too complicated…?

No, that ant bad…but…I got 6.5 as a download, … no box… I think the latest box I have is 6…
that’s why I said "upgraded’ (from Cubase 6, that is)…
and what about those damn dogle keys…two dogle keys walk into a bar…
I guess I should get 6.5 downloaded on new computer then worry about it…

The stickies tell you nothing? :confused:

Go to where you downloaded C6.5, login and download again?

Your “dogle” should already have the license for C6.5 tattooed on it.

That´s why I said use the install disc (from Cubase 6 that is) then apply the update, e´which you have as download…

Plug `em into your computer