Got new computer, no more key command file


I recently moved from a PC to a Mac, and installed Cubase on the new mac. I backed up all my settings from my PC to an external hard drive like profiles, key commands, etc. and imported them into the mac.

I noticed on my new mac, even though I copied and pasted my key command file into the new mac cubase preferences folder, when I go into key commands, the drop down menu won’t let me save new key commands to my existing file. I had to create a new key commands preset file, but my question is did that overwrite my previous key commands? I looked it up and saw that the profile now saves key commands, but does that include my imported key command file, plus any new ones I create from here on out?

My old key commands do work on top of the new ones I created, but I just want to know how the files are handled so I know what to back up.


Your keycommand file lives in the PRESETS folder. The other one is the stock kecommands