Got Nice Track Colors?

Got Nice Track Colors?


Since Cubase 10 has given us a completely new color system,

( See: )

I wonder if there are users who have come up with some nice sets of default colors that make for a good presentation of a project.

Of course “good” is very subjective when it comes to colors!

However, the User Interface section of the Preferences system allows defined color sets in a way that actually makes them very easy to share.

Here’s how:

Go to Preferences -> User Interface
Define any/all of the color sets (e.g. Track Type Default Colors )
Check the box ‘Store marked preferences only’ (this displays the Store column for checking)
Click in the Store column for the UI (or part of it)
Click the Store button and give your (full or partial) color setup a name.
Click OK to perform the save.

The result will be an XML file containing your set prefs, just the ones you chose for storage - in this case your colors.

Cubase Pref Preset Configs 01.jpg

So, this post is a call for those of you who are out in front wrt. defining a nice set of color to please kindly share your color definitions as an .xml file here.

Such a file, once downloaded and placed in the directory

…\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64\Presets\Configurations

is easily invoked via the Preferences Presets box. This could save a huge amount of time if someone else’s color set appeals to you, or is at least close enough to be a starting point.

I’ve attached my file ‘Lotsa Red.xml’ (zipped) as an example (though I don’t actually like it, and I doubt anyone else will!).

Hopefully some of those with the best eye for color can chip in here and make alot of others happy!

P.S. - .xml file cannot be uploaded here directly, but can be if it is zipped.
Lotsa (411 Bytes)

Where’s the attachment?

Attachment is there now. (Had to .zip it!)

Nice. Great that this is working!


Over 200 views and nobody’s got a color scheme they consider decent to share ??

I’m shy. :mrgreen: