got old eliscencer product causing issues on scan..WALDORF LARGO

i used to have waldorf largo on my computer years ago then sold it too a mate at the time it was on elicenser and thats how you authorised it…but they changed it a few years ago so you dont need to use the dongle anymore so when it was on sale awhile ago i bought it again…installed it and everything is good but everytime i do a vst scan the syncrosoft box pops up and says locate liscence but i dont have it anymore i sold it.
how do i get rid of this warning its stopping my maschine 2 when its trying to scan my vsts.
my new copy of largo does actually work its fine because it no longer needs to dongle to register but its weird it still pops up.
also ive checked my dongle and its not on there and ive done matinence and its all good and ive got the newest version when i installed c11 so cant understand why im still getting the error…can anyone help me get rid of this please.