Got the UR28M! Where is my soft eLicenser! (Mac)

I installed my UR-28M. It is now time to download Basic FX Suite licenses. Manual tells me to launch eLicenser Control Centre in Mac Applications. It’s not there. I download it online and install it. When i run it and enter my activation code it informs me of the following:

“Currently, there is no eLicenser connected to your computer which you can download your license to. Please connect an appropriate USB-eLicenser to your computer. In case you do not have any USB-eLicensers available and want to download the license to a so-called “Soft-eLicenser”, please contact the software vendor of your product, to learn how to create a Soft-eLicenser on your computer system.”

There is no USB eLicenser in the box/packaging. How do I get this Soft eLicenser? :smiling_imp:

When you said you installed it, I assume you meant the Tools for UR28M. Normally this installation will also install the soft eLicenser. If you have not installed this package, it is available here:

Also, the Yamaha USB driver included with the Tools package is NOT the latest. There is a link on the Tools download page to the latest driver.

If you have installed the Tools package and have no soft eLicenser, you should contact Steinberg Support.

Good luck!

Thanks! this definitely helped, cubase is now up and running.