"Got to" or "Locate" in Cubase?

I need a shortcut for “Locate” or “Go To” in Cubase.
Ex. If I want to go to bar 24 I can hit a key and type 24.
Is that possible?
Trying to get rid of all the mousing!

And you don’ t want to look up the key commands yourself?

Shift + P is the default key command for this.

Thanks a lot!!

A few suggestions…

Create a Marker Track and assign either cycle markers or regular markers or both. I like the cycle markers and name them in the Marker editor – Intro, Verse 1, Chorus 1, Verse 2, Solo, etc. With the Marker Track select “zoom, cycle, locate” from the Marker drop down list.

Use, N and B to move forward and backward by events.

Use Numeric Keypad + and - keys to “fast forward” and “rewind”

One piece of advice I have is to re-route the key assignment to the “.” on the keypad (I forget what’s there by default) – it’s super fast punching locations in then. I used to be on Digital Performer years ago and that’s how they had it assignment, so I’ve done it on every other DAW I’ve used since.

What Steven57 said. That is the best way IMO. You’ll get (shit-keys 1-0 eg.) for 10 quick locos.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions. I use Metagrid and have programmed a shortcut to create a marker, open the marker list and automatically go to the new marker and open the field so I can give it a name. My problem was that I had to go to specific bar numbers - read from a score - to create markers, that was why I needed the Go To function.

You know, on this, I agree. In Sonar, if I recall, you’d hit shift + 5 on the numeric key pad, a box opens, you type in the bar number and the cursor moves to that bar. So, without question, it’s a good feature request to put in. It’s something I remember looking for early on in starting to learn Cubase. Since then, I’ve adapted to using the methods Cubase provides. No question, it would be good if Cubase had this feature.

I’ll look at Metagrid. Some people also use auto-hot key, but I’ve not tried that.

Perhaps “goto bar #” could be done by Macro, but I’m not sure.

Shift + p
As J-S-Q pointed out early on.

My bad, somehow I missed that. Thanks for repeating it!