Got Windows 10?

Anyone else not got Windows 10 yet? or is it just me?
My wife has got windows 10…( her study is next to my studio in the same house) how come I didn’t get it? :angry: :angry:

I haven;t been a bad boy or anything… :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

it’s just not fair :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

None of my 3 win 7 computers would upgrade on their own, I had to delete all the files inside
Then open a command prompt as administrator and type
wuauclt.exe /updatenow
That forces a new download of the update.
Or you could go to

I have bootable USBs for each of the 32 and 64 bit ISOs for each version of Windows from 8 on.

It is good to have them if needed, especially with the lottery of the current 10 upgrade.

I have upgraded a tablet to see what would happen, and it all went OK. At some time this week I’ll probably upgrade the general boot partition of my computer. If that all goes well, I do my wife’s computer on the weekend or next week. If they all go well, the DAW partition on my computer will get the treatment. Fortunately (or unfortunately :frowning: ), we are not doing anything in music at this time, so I’ll have time to iron out any issues.

One actually only need one bootable USB, into the root of which one just needs to copy the installation files for the version required. Or use a large bootable USB with subfolders with each version and bit-depth, then just move the required version to the root.

I’m running W10 on an internet laptop to check things out. Untill now, very pleased with it. It’s much better then Win8, and the upgrade went perfect.
It’s a bit getting used to the fact that windows is very interested in your behaviour and you are logged in to a microsoft account at any given time, so i’m adapting to the situation and will probably never try anything nasty anymore on that machine. :slight_smile: The music machine is still on win 8 though, because SB hasn’t given the green light yet.

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is it not possible to have windows 10 and pull the internet connection…do you have to be on the internet when using windows 10?


OH…thanks when roel said ‘your logged into a microsoft account’ I thought that meant you had to be logged in… :slight_smile:

Also, in Windows 10 pro you can sign out of your Microsoft account, and use a so called local user account.

I haven’t got a Microsoft account…do I need one for 10?

:confused: :confused:

Don’t know about Home, because we don’t have any, but with Pro, you have the option, when setting up, to Create a Microsoft account, at which point you can click the Sign in without a Microsoft account link on the lower left to be shown the Your account screen where you can create a local account.

If you want, you can create a local admin master account first, and then create others that have lower privileges and/or are MS accounts.

PC did try to update itself but failed everytime. had to down load W10 manually. the rest is history, a few ilock tweaks was needed nothing major -now solved,()just mentioning in case anyone else has ilock issues. all in all 5hrs over a two day period to get everything ticking

In the Home version you also can stay with a local account. For a standalone music machine this is probably the best option. When you do things online you will need an microsoft account for shopping in the store, for cortana and other network based things.

If the other win 10 users read this. I have also a question:

It should be possible in version 10 to do Audio Core Optimisation - it will now be possible to define and isolate all the core audio processing to a single core, meaning no other processes will be able to interrupt the stream


Anyone who has any clue how to check this out ?
Should this be a good thing in the future for Cubase users ?

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I use the home edition and you do not need a Microsoft login, you can use a local login. I prefer the Microsoft account login, as they are all connected to a 100Mbit internet connection anyway.

Excuse my thickness but what is the benefit (if any) of a Microsoft account…?

a) Access to a cloud that allows sharing of information between devices.
b) Purchase apps in the store.

All similar to Apple and Google ecosystems.

thank you for your answer…I certainly don’t need one of those then… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Unlike Win8.x and like Android, you can sideload (install from a file rather than download from the Store) apps.

Of course, like Android and its .apk files, it depends whether you can get the app file external to the Store. Some developers may not make theirs generally available.

So got windows 10, went on my 'puter with no problems…everything seems to be running fine, had to re install the elicence thingy but that’s no biggy…

however…my performance meter is maxing out even more…I played the same project (size wise ) on Studio one and it doesn’t even notice…like…yeah man, is that all you’ve got…this is with exact same inserts and stuff…
so what the heck is goin on with the Stein guys?

plus the daft floating menu bar and all the headers of vst’s have gone bright white…is that right? can I change the colour?

no discernible difference with anything otherwise…so tomorrow will probably roll back because it aint not improved anything!!

talking only from the music/cubase point of view…as an OS it’s probably brill…but I’m only interested in it if it improved the performance of CP 8…and it seems it doesn’t…

I hope it is indeed the last version as they promote it. The GUI is fine FWIW and has proven itself over the years. Never change the winning team untill there is a reason for it. All the previous versions, certainly v8 was just milking but in fact adding very few things new for desktop/laptop users. The way it is proposed for the moment is reasonable, and they keep it up to date. Fine for me this way. An OS must be cheap, since it should not do more then be an operating system. For services you have to pay. Let’s give them credits for that change, and wait and see what happens.

I automatically updated a test computer from Win 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro, with a local user/admin account only.

No need for a MS account user (I have a MS account, but do NOT want to use it for my DAW uses).

PS. I also do NOT like the idea of “always online, evrywhere, etc”, and all my production DAW’s are offline.

I have not tried Cubase 8 on the Windows 10 Pro computer yet, but Studio One and Reaper is working flawless. I will not upgrade my production DAW’s to Windows 10 before Steinberg has finished their testing (and released the necesarry updates).