Goto Command With Follow

Maybe this is already possible. If so, please let me know and I’ll delete this, but…

I =rarely= use the ‘Follow’ mode (screen scrolls as project plays). About the only time I use it is when I want to Go To a particular spot. So it’s a 4 step do-si-do.

  1. Turn on Follow
  2. Enter time I want to Go To into transport
  3. Hit (display scrolls to new position)
  4. Turn off Follow

…I wish there was a ‘Goto With Follow’ command. ie.

  1. Enter time I want to Go To into transport
  2. Hit (display scrolls to new position)

…but WITHOUT having to hit the Follow button to get the screen display to move.

This seems like a little thing, but I -constantly- do this and if I forget to reset the Follow state, bad things happen.

I have a similar aggravation. I normally have auto-scroll disabled. So when I hit Home to go position the cursor at locator start, the screen stays where it is and I need to toggle Autoscroll twice to get positioned at the locator start. I do have Autoscroll as an easy to type key shortcut, so it’s not that big a deal. But it seems like when explicitly doing navigation, as opposed to playback, we actually would want to see where we’re navigating to. This is not a “sometimes” thing. This is always the way I would like it to respond.

Indeed. I have a similar Annual Request for just this behaviour… actually several tiny variations on the same theme. I want to keep ‘auto-scroll’ OFF 100% of the time, but I need the screen to scroll to where I have the cursor.