GoTo Function while auto save = Crash

Using the GoTo function (Type measure number/Enter) while cubase autosaves and the transport window is not open still leads to a crash.


Could you share the crash log file with me, please?

Thank you. Crash log attached
Cubase (26.5 KB)


Sorry for my delay and thank you for sharing. The crash is in the Rob Papen.Blue2.vst. Please contact plug-in vendor.

That was a cubase 8 issue. Posted in wrong forum and sent wrong log. I don’t think that’s an issue anymore in 9. Sorry about that and thanks for looking at it.

Just for the sake of completeness the correct crash report - but again have yet to replicate it on C9 (We’re still on 8 because of the sluggishness and controller issues of 9) Thank you again.
Cubase (28.5 KB)


This crash is in Cubase (not in any plug-in). But Cubase 8 development is closed already. So no one will take care about the crash. I’m sorry.