Gotye anyone?

Haven’t looked at Gotye yet, will check him out, but I’ve seen many of those videos from “Walk Off The Earth”… love that stuff! I get the impression that this is the way YouTube is now being used to create publicity for good independent bands.

Ya I’ve seen it, cool :slight_smile:

Yeah, that song was a big hit here.
He’s from Belgium, his real name is Wouter De Backer.
Funny song, but I heard it too many times… :neutral_face:

But be sure NOT to play the live at Ellen Degeneres version, that’s pretty bad… :open_mouth:

I like his video for “State of the art”. The story behind it is pretty interesting. He also has a mini-docu on the making of the album, which I found very inspiring. Both can be found on the u-tubez.

yeah, she’s a local Kiwi girl - she just won the grand prize in the International Songwriting Competition. :sunglasses:

Thanks for the heads up, Steve. I’m liking this guy.
It’s refreshing to me that he can have a monster smash hit with ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’,
(just the one ‘official’ video has had 191 million views so far) - and much of his other work doesn’t
seem to have much commercial concern. I like his new and inventive spin on pop. Some are calling it ‘Art Pop’.
Video’s are pretty cool,too.
I’m digging the interesting chord changes in ‘Out Here In The Cold’.
Good stuff. I agree - he’s a true artist.

My ears pricked up (like my german shepherd’s when he hears something interesting :wink:) too when I heard this.
Very cool stuff indeed!

How’ve you been Lenny? I still chug along here in Oz trying to put together guitar lines to a whole buch of ‘backing’ tracks, of which I now have accumulated quite a few, heh heh heh, too much fun doing that.



Mauri! What’s shakin’? I’d love to hear anything new that you’re doing. I’ve always enjoyed your work.
Any links to new stuff?


Hi, Lenny,

I’m doing quite bit of new stuff but now guitar parts have become stubbornly elusive…but I’ll come up with something sooner or later.
When I have something I’ll post it here, for everyone to enjoy, or not :wink: !

Cheers mate,


I heard the hit a couple months ago and it’s been played non-stop on the radio, so it’s kinda out-worn its welcome with me. I need to check out some of his other tunes