GPO 5 Play Template


i have Aria Player Multi in the whitelist and i have access to it and can load GPO 5 instruments. But i don’t have an option to choose the Garritan Library in the Play Template Settings. I can only choose between HSSE (Elements), HSSE+HSO (Pro) and Silence. What are the steps to add the GPO 5 Library to this Templates and is it useful to do so, if i want to use GPO 5 instruments mainly?

It’s not possible to ‘command’ ARIA Player to load particular samples from another app, apparently. So, at best, a Playback Template for ARIA will:
load one or more ARIA players as VST Intruments;
assign the Players to the VST and give them a channel number;
set the correct Expression Map for the instrument type.

I’ve started to create the necessary files to do this, but it’s currently limited to a small range of instrument types (standard Strings, most Woodwind, trumpet, vocal parts, organ). Other instruments will not be assigned VST/channel/map. It is still “fairly experimental”, and note that if the data isn’t correct, it will stop Dorico from launching!

At least, it means the only thing I have to do is to load the samples into the correct channels in ARIA. (Plus or minus separate output channels…!) You can of course save ensembles of instrument/samples in ARIA for use in multiple projects, or use Dorico project files as ‘templates’ for new projects, with ARIA already set up.

It’s likely that Dorico in the future will provide improved template functionality for all kinds of players.

It is not worth your time to mess with this as Dorico needs to develop further… believe me… if playback is important to you save yourself and your sanity and just use Noteperformer as the newest version works with Dorico pretty well.

joojoo1234, I think it would be more accurate for you to preface your comment above with “in my opinion” or “for me”. As you can see from Ben’s reply directly above yours, it is possible to use GPO5 or other ARIA-based libraries with Dorico with some success, if you spend the time to set things up the way you want them.

My Playback Template can be found here.

I will try to add more instruments to it, time permitting.

thanks benwiggy for the Playback Template!

“WARNING: Incorrect modification of these files can cause Dorico to quit on startup with an error. Use at your own risk.”

When this should happen, can i fix this by deleting the files?

EDIT: what do you mean with modification?

My warning is intended for people who plan to modify the template files, in order to add more instruments. If the editing is not done correctly, then Dorico will report an error message, and quit. (Also a warning in case I’ve made a mistake!)

In that case, you should delete the files that you’ve added. (Or re-download the correct ones.)

Let me know if there’s more instruments you’d like added, or if something is wrong.

thanks a lot, i come back when i am ready, i just switched to Cubase Pro too and have to learn a lot …