GPO5 Playback Issues

Hello, all,

I’ve followed the tutorials for GPO5 in Dorico and I believe I have everything set up correctly. However, I have lost all playback.

Initially, everything worked fine and I was able to get playback, mute/solo instruments, etc. Once I finished adding all my channels and added expression maps to everything, I lost all playback.

I’m unable to attach the .zip file because it’s too large, so here’s a Google Drive link:


Sorry to self-bump. Anyone have any insight?


Unfortunately I don’t have anything particularly intelligent to offer. I can load your project, and all of the various sounds you’ve chosen load into the ARIA Player, but I too get no sound: I’m not very proficient with the ARIA Player, but is it possible that somehow the outputs for the plug-in are now pointing somewhere strange?

I had a look at it and my assumption is, that something is wrong with Aria. When going to Aria’s settings page it shows that no memory is used at all. However, if I add a third instance of Aria, load some sounds, then it shows there some plausible numbers. Also, sound does come out when playing on the on-screen keyboard as well as if I redirect players to that new instance.

So I would suggest that you create two new Aria instances, load sounds and redirect the players to the new instances. Then get rid of the 2 old instances and save (maybe after keeping a backup copy). Also after reopening the project then sound does come out, at least with me here.

When opened on my system, there was sound right away from the Aria instances when using the onscreen keyboard (and the Instance is set to monitor, leftmost icon). Seems no Midi data is transmitted to the Aria instances, however. My experience is somewhat dated, but I think you can also remedy this by doing Play/Apply default playback template. This will first go back to Halion setup, which you can then change back to Aria (Again.) Anyway, you can at least save some re-configuration time by clicking the top-right arrow in the Aria GUI and do Save Preset…Load Preset :slight_smile:

This was my go-to solution in the first place, and then playback died again afterwards. I didn’t know about the Presets tool, though, that’s a HUGE help!

Thanks, I tried adding new instances of Aria and things are working fine now, except for one thing: I’m only getting ONE Output channel, despite using the Aria Multi VST. Therefore, if I try to mute one instrument, everything gets muted, even though I have 32 channels set in my two Aria instances.

Could be, but I don’t know how to check this. Ulf’s solution helped me out so if I can figure out the last new issue I have, it may be time to investigate what Aria is doing with its outputs.


Maybe you could post again your updated project, then I could have a look on Monday.

To utilize the multi outs you have to specify that in the Aria GUI. Click where it reads 1/2 and change that to 3/4, 5/6 and so forth … aria effects (if used) will only return audio to 1/2 though…

Thanks! Here is a link to the updated file:

Here is the behavior I’m seeing:

  1. No playback of Dynamics, Hairpins, Accents, etc
  2. Key switches DO work (pizz, etc)
  3. Cannot Solo/Mute instruments. If I solo an instrument that is in the first instance of Aria, ALL 16 of the instruments in that instance get solo as well (though the red S does not illuminate). Same thing if I Mute one (the whole instance is muted, the other is not).
  4. Some weird effects and noises during playback (wrong notes, stuttering, etc).

Thanks again.

Thanks for the new data. When I load that project, then I do get sound out immediately, but not as expected, because the players Flute up to Trombone are not assigned properly, i.e. in Play Mode I had to route them to the first Aria instance, otherwise they would not play back.

Regarding 1), I can see in the Aria GUI that the modulation wheel is turning up and down according to the dynamics and hairpins. I can also hear the change in volume, but probably the effect it not as dramatic as you expect it.

Regarding 3), this all works fine for me. But mind, as user fratveno already mentioned, in the Aria GUI you have to change the output assignment of the individual instruments. Otherwise all 16 instruments of one Aria instrument will come out just through 1 channel (in the Dorico mixer).

Regarding 4), well, I suggest that you first make sure that everything is set up properly, e.g. as explained above, that the assignment of players to the Aria instruments are really correct. I never used expression maps so I don’t know on that. E.g. when I play back currently the Bass Drum sounds more like a machine gun. Don’t know what is wrong with that.

Thanks, using all the various outputs solved my Mute/Solo issue.

You’re right, I see the Mod wheel moving for dynamics as well.

However, I don’t see it reacting to crescendo/descrescendo (i.e. the violist jumped from 21 to 69 when they went from pp to ff, but the wheel didn’t move gradually). Any ideas?

Lastly, I don’t know what the issue with the bass drum is. Does putting a tremolo marking (three beams, i.e. 32nds) not trigger the “roll” key switch? Should I be using something else? (This issue shows up in all instruments - I can’t trigger the tremolo keyswitch in the strings, for instance).

To what bar do you refer to? In general I do see the mod wheel gradually move up or down whenever there is a hairpin in the score.

Lastly, I don’t know what the issue with the bass drum is. Does putting a tremolo marking (three beams, i.e. 32nds) not trigger the “roll” key switch? Should I be using something else? (This issue shows up in all instruments - I can’t trigger the tremolo keyswitch in the strings, for instance).

I don’t know on this one. Someone else needs to step in…

Try mapping it to ‘tremolo’ rather than ‘roll’

How do I do that? Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I can’t find a way to map it to a technique or “force” a key switch.

I see it in the Violins in Bar 20, but it happens everywhere (i.e. the Bassons and Celli in the first few bars don’t play their Decrescendo).

Here is what I’ve tried in terms of expression maps:

  1. Using the GPO Expression Maps: I get Dynamics but no crescendo/decrescendo and not all key switches work
  2. Using the Halion Expression Maps: I get Dynamics but no crescendo/decrescendo and key switches DO work
  3. Using “Default” expressions: I get no dynamics or cresc/decresc. Everything is forte all the time. No key switches.
  4. Using “CC1 Dynamics” expressions: I get Dynamics but no crescendo/decrescendo. No key switches.

True, in bar 20 the violins don’t do, maybe it’s because of the tremolo, I don’t know.
But the celli in the first few bars do make some crescendo/decrescendo, at least when I play back the score.
And the bassoons don’t seem to follow any dynamics. Also, I don’t know why.

What Expression Maps are you using, if any? I suspect it’s related to those, since we’re seeing different behavior.

I just tried reverting to Halion with Dorico’s provided sounds, and everything works perfectly. However, I’d like to use GPO5 as I spent a ton of money on it and much prefer the brass and string sounds.

Nothing, just using your project file as it is.

In that case, it’s using GPO5 Expression Maps for everything but the Bass drum, which is using a Halion Percussion Map. Weird that you’re getting different behavior than I am…

Also, are you getting weird notes during playback in the strings in Flow 1 - Bar 92 (the first few bars of 4/4 after the 7/8)? [If the bar number is incorrect, I apologize - I can only find a slightly outdated version of my score on my work computer]. I’ve checked the written pitches and they are correct, but I get weird dissonance in playback.

Yes, there is a metric change from 7/8 to 4/4 at bar 92, but to me the strings sound okay around that place. I’m not an academically trained person in regards to music, but from my education at school and the piano lessons I had, I claim, that what I see in the score matches that what I hear.