GPU - Cuda Cores in SL11

hi all, in SL10 stand alone my RTX 2080 Super works well and fast in decompose song, but in SL11 stand alone GPU is not used, or not much 20%, in system settings i use GPU.
SL10 was much faster with GPU setting.
anywhere also?

Hi, this issue is already known and also already in progress for improvement.
Thanks for reporting


it’s absurd, I have a track with piano and sax and when I unmix part of the piano ends up in the sax track.
Furthermore, even though I use the nVidia 4090 gbu, it takes more than 10 minutes to make a mix, absurd.
Besides the fact that on Cubase 13 Pro it is unusable

Giovanni, Robin (SL moderator and knowledgeable SL person) has posted that the Sax and Brass stem breakout will double the time it takes to unmix any particular song. As to CPU usage, yes, I unmixed (at the ‘Extreme’ setting) a Miles Davis song, ‘So What’ using my CPU and it took more than 30 minutes. It could’ve taken longer, I left it running an went to the grocery store, came back and it is was completed.

However, just now I switched to my very dated AMD RX570 graphics card and it took 15 mins total after hanging on ‘99%’ for 5 minutes. So there was quite a gain here for me.

As to the confusion of SL as it unmixes piano and guitar, I’m experiencing the same issue you are. FWIW, I just unmixed a Steely Dan song “Chain Lightning” (Katy Lied album) and SL was overwhelmed with it. Fagen used a Rhodes here and there’s a rhthym guitar, as well. If you mute the guitar there is basically no piano. This said, Steely Dan were very clever ppl and Gary Katz knew how to make the band sound good. Rick Derringer plays guitar here, BTW.

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in case of the performance related topic as the “99”% unmix lag, please use the latest 11.0.10 patch for that issue fix.


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I’m away for the 4th Holiday but I’m anxious to try the hot fix! Thanks for the work and the heads up.