GPU issues, crash with waves plugins

This topic isn’t a bug report but just a mention about my bad experience with the update to C8.
Updated from C7.0 to 8.0

Loaded many projects with having the same issues :

Wave plugins would just open a blank interface and crash Cubase every couple of times.
If a new project is started, waves plugins would load fine… tried to load many instances and after a while it would do the same.
All other plugins would work just fine, except the ones from MeldaProduction that would say :
“your system is out of GPU ressources…”… something like that. (Graphic ressources)
I have not the craziest graphic card, but a very decent one that can run 3 displays.

Of course, I then thought about all the drivers issue, anything related to the graphic card and the motherboard.
Did all updates… same problems.
Contact waves support, much faster than steinberg… (not blaming, just saying)… operated some maintenance to see if there was any result… no change… same stories…

Last test I did just now, and was amazingly surprised…
One quite big project done in C7, continued in C8, would load back in C7 !! … never thought that would work, I was expecting a message “this was made in C8, can’t be opened here”… Thumbs up Steinberg for that one.

Project loaded full, loaded and worked with waves plugins… no more issue… back to work! Finally :slight_smile: