GPU overloading with VSTI (VPS Avenger )

Hi guys ,

I wanted today tested the demo of VPS Avenger 1.4.2 and I realized that at each click on “Edit Instrument” the GPU was overloading at 99% for almost 6 seconds each time… his also freeze Cubase for 6 seconds :confused:

When Generic editor is used no issue only when pluggin’s editor is used
Difficult to know if it comes from cubase and 3D hardware acceleration or if this pluggins was programmed with the feet :cry:

I tested several versions of GPU drivers but nothing changes
If you have an idea or if we had the same experience with this Plugs or another :smiley:
thanks !

my config is :
AMD Threadripper 2990wx (32Core)
MSI MEG X399 Creation
64gb memory
EVGA GTX 1080 (ftw3) Drivers : 419.35
Cubase Pro 10.0.15

Avenger was the main reason I built my latest PC. It’s my favourite Synth. I’m not getting any issues but my set up is completely different from yours.

Thank MitchieMasha for your reply,

i think you have right it is isssue with the Demo (i hope its true )
here the anwser of Avenger Support :

this issue will be resolved in the full version with the next update.
We imporved the GUI load times already, but we wre not yet able to update the demo version.
The generic editor does not load the content or precalculate any wave forms. That’s why its faster.
Kind regards,