GPU usage MacOS 12.6

On my old cMP I used to run into 100% GPU usage with Cubase 9 , but I always attributed that to it being old.
However, on a fairly light session I experienced something similar with Cubase 12 on a current MBP.
Noticed it when the screen didn’t redraw quick enough to follow the movement of the playhead. The audio was playing, but the arrange page seemed stuck until it hiccupped and moved to the next freeze. Very odd. CPU/ASIOguard/Disk usage was all insignificant, but Activity Monitor shows Cubase GPU usage at 72.4%

FWIW, it’s a 2021 16" MBP | M1Max | 64GB RAM | 4TB storage | MacOS 12.6 | Cubase 12.0.10 build 247 | MOTU 828es (Thunderbolt)

System is not even 6 months old.