Grace note at page break

Grace notes in the piano part need to be before the barline, the grace notes in the cello need to be after the barline. I solved this earlier by manually positioning the cello grace note. Unfortunately, in the final pass, it seems necessary to place a system break at this very spot and there doesn’t seem to be a way to move the cello grace note to the next page.

Unfortunately you’re in the netherworld with that particular combination at the moment. Is it possible to change the casting off so that the system break falls somewhere else?

If it’s not possible to move the system break, you can get there in a roundabout way by using another voice…

  1. change things so that at that point in the score grace notes are not before the barline (making the cello part correct)
  2. hide the now-incorrectly-positioned piano part grace notes (colour: opacity 0%, stems hidden, ledger lines hidden)
  3. turn up the grid resolution to maximum and, using a new upstem voice in the previous bar, enter new piano-part grace notes just before a last-possible-in-that-bar 32nd note
  4. Suppress playback for the notes you’ve just entered
  5. Use note spacing in Engrave mode to move the 32nd note to the right of the far edge of the stave and re-position the grace notes (and the cello part notes ?) where you want.
  6. Hide the 32nd note (colour: Opacity etc.)
  7. In Write Mode use Edit / Remove Rests to get rid of the unwanted rests.

I had local properties set to Global. A bit of a faff - there may well be a quicker/better way of doing it - but if not, it should give you what you’re after.

Thank you both - especially you David, that took considerable work on your part! Much appreciated! I will give it a try.

@Daniel - it might be possible, but will involve considerable revisions. Simply moving the break one measure has other bad effects.