Grace note at page/frame break

Dorico messes up a grace note at a page/frame break.
That’s what it looks like in the score:
Grace note score.png
That’s what it looks like in the part (last bar at the bottom of a page/frame):
Grace note part.png
Why does Dorico shift the grace note to the end of the previous bar? Is it a bug?


PS: OK, as a workaround I could force Dorico to do the page/frame break one bar earlier. But it would be better to have this bar at the end of the page and the grace note at the start of the following page.

Did you accidentally activate the Grace note before barline property…? Couldn’t reproduce it without :slight_smile:

No, this option is deselected.


I found out how to solve it: Selecting the grace note and adding a manual system break brings the grace note into the next bar.
So the automatic system break of Dorico seems to be buggy in this special case.


Can you please send me your project, Thomas, so I can see this in action?

Hi, I’m having the exact same problem on dorico 3.1. In my project I have an extended meterless section with manual system breaks. I can fix it temporarily by selecting the grace note and selecting+deselecting ‘grace note before barline’, or in some cases where the grace notes are somehow invisible (behind the staff??), I remove and re-add the system break. The problem reappears when I reopen the file in a new session, or just after a certain period while I’m working on other parts of the score. So it appears the bug hasn’t been fixed.

Please provide an example project so we can take a look.