Grace note before barline with repeat mark

I have an end repeat and am trying to put an acciaccatura grace note immediately before it. The music continues after. I’ve used “Grace note before barline” with success when it’s an ordinary barline but it doesn’t seem to be working when trying to place it before a repeat mark.

Can’t seem to move it in Engrave mode, since “Note spacing” doesn’t apply to grace notes.

Any suggestions, please?

Note spacing works for me in Engrave mode, but you have to select the right handle to drag - see the picture.

First click on the blue square above the grace note. That then shows the circle next to the grace note.

If you try to drag the blue square, that doesn’t work. The blue squares are attached to rhythmic positions and you can’t make them cross over each other - the “arrow of time” always goes from left to right.
grace note before repeat.png

Thanks, Rob. I had clearly forgotten how to do that. You’re a gent…

However, perhaps the Dorico team might fix this anomaly, or at least put it on their infinite list of things to look at when that have a moment…

The behaviour persists in 3.5, so thank you @Rob_Tuley for this solution. However, there’s an odd issue with grace notes in brackets. They do not move with the note when applying the aforementioned method.

If you reposition them just above the grace note in Engrave mode, strange things occur.

Moreover, undoing does not reposition the notes to their original positions, but displaced to the right.