Grace note collision

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I have a large orchestral score, and a lot of grace notes are in a strange position. Setting them Bedford of after the bar line does not change anything. The parts are fine. The problem is in the score only. Changing the spacing does not change the position of the grace notes.
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Welcome to the forum @Jelle_Tassyns – could you perhaps share the project file itself, or a cut-down version that contains a few bars around the misplaced grace notes? If you can’t attach projects at the moment, try reading threads here on the forum for a few minutes to raise your trust level.

Is it possible that you’ve used the note spacing tool in Engrave mode to offset these grace notes, perhaps?


I juist noticed that in another part there was a grace note placed before the barline. When I changed the other grace note, the one I wanted after the barline, changed also. I don’t know how to change this behaviour.

It’s a known limitation that we can’t (currently) have a grace note before a barline in one part and after the same barline in another part. They move together.

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