Grace note dynamic for playing

Dear all,

If I remember correctly, the dynamic marker is often not attached to the grace note. However, this convention requires an extra step when playing with music engraving software. In the following example, the dynamic of the grace note follows ppp, not mf, and this is logically correct.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 20.03.39

In this case, I do the following:

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 20.06.04

I am confident with this method, but I would like to know how other users handle such cases.
Also, I am not sure if this is a reasonable thing to ask for in a feature request.
What do you think?


I’ve had this issue with playback in a string piece I’ve recently completed, where there were many instances of multi-stops written as grace notes, and lots of dynamic shifts.

I had to resort to your solution as well.

In my opinion, grace notes should inherit the dynamic of the note to which they are attached.

The only time I can see this being a problem might be where there is a grace note “run” up to a note that could require a different starting and ending dynamic, possibly with a hairpin. in this case, the first grace note would have to have its own dynamic, and any intervening grace notes would have to use the hairpin effect.

in the attached example, Dorico attaaches the end of the hairpin to the following rest instead of the quarter note. If I try to drag the hairpin handle back to attach it to the quarter note, the hairpin just disappears.
Also, for playback, it plays the very first note p, then the rest of the grace notes play back as forte.


Yes, it is! That is one reason why I was not entirely sure that the feature request could be legitimate. Such a example did not occur to me when I opened this thread! Thanks for adding this.
I would like to add a similar case:
Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 22.51.11

If more people are in favour of this kind of improvement, we could request this feature!

However, I am not sure that these exceptional cases could be handled well when constructing algorithms to achieve this function…



looks at score of his 2nd symphony… specifically the woodwind parts

yup, LOTS of grace note scale “whooshes” with crescendos, starting p going to forte, and then repeating the pattern a few beats later.


You may always ask for a new feature, whether you’re alone or not! Dorico development is not democratic. Features wanted by many may take years to implement. On the other hand, in some cases a brilliant suggestion made by a single user may be possible right away, simply because it’s a subject that the developers planned to be working on anyway.