Grace note key command apparently not working

I can select grace notes in the tool box, but the key command “/” doesn’t seem to work.

What kind of keyboard are you using? I’m not terribly sure, but I believe that slash refers to the one in the NumPad, not the one invoked by typing Shift+7. If you work a lot in a laptop, perhaps changing the keystroke will do you better. I’ve since changed mine, hence me asking you to take my word with a grain of salt, but I think that’s it.

Maybe you are trying to press “/” at the wrong time.

It only works when you are in note entry mode (displaying the orange cursor) and the next note(s) you enter will then be grace notes.
Alt+/ toggles between creating grace notes with and without slashes.

You can click and switch the grace note icon on when you are not in note input mode, but it tends to switch itself off again when you go into input mode!

You can’t change a normal note into a grace note, or vice versa.

Also Alt+/ isn’t “sticky” - when you stop entering grace notes it resets to the default

On a UK Windows keyboard the default is “/” on the main keyboard.

You can check your actual setting by looking in Edit / Preferences / Key Commands (type “grace” in the search box.) For keys on the keypad it will say " Num + ". not “”.

Rob’s answer is the one I’m looking for. Thanks!