Grace note only bars cause all remaining bars to vanish.

Hi, I’m having some trouble with entering a long bar of piano music - it’s grace notes only for about 3 systems (sort of a cadenza) The moment the bar becomes too long, the system completely disappears? (Happens every time, just enter a bunch of grace notes in a bar, eventually the bar and all bars after it disappear never to be found again)

Any workaround/behavior I’m missing?

For starters, work in Galley View, not Page View. That might help.

Also, I wouldnt use grace notes. Use regular notes and reduce their size. Search the forum for “cadenza”—there was a recent discussion about this.

Yes, unfortunately if you end up with a run of grace notes that is wider than the frame, Dorico can’t draw any of the music in page view. I would agree with Dan’s suggestion that you use regular rhythmic notes and scale them down size-wise if need be.