Grace note playback with Noteperformer?

I’m on Dorico 2.2 and Noteperformer 3.2 and it doesn’t appear that grace notes play back. I got a reply from Noteperformer Support that the issue is likely with Dorico rather than Noteperformer. Is this a known issue, if so any ETA on a fix?

They play back OK for me, on Windows (if that matters - probably not!)

Have you changed the default settings in Playback Options / Timing?

Maybe you are trying to play short grace notes with an instrument sound that has a slow attack, and you can’t hear them.

As a test, try a piano sound. The attached plays back fine for me (both the acciaccaturas and the appoggiatura) with no changes to the default Dorico settings.

If this doesn’t help, attach a score that demonstrates the problem.
NP grace note test.png

Thanks, it looks like an issue may be when grace note is the first note in first bar (it does seem to work for me when grace notes are in subsequent bars). Am attaching a Dorico file with a few bars, does the first grace note play back for you?
test (318 KB)

For a grace note at the very start of the flow, please set the ‘Pre-roll before flow’ value on the Timing page of Playback Options to something greater than zero; 0.2 seconds or so should be more than enough.

Ah thanks, that Pre-roll setting looks like it fixes it when I start playback from beginning of flow. However if I select that first grace note and do a playback from there, it doesn’t seem to play back. So am guessing the green bar has to be at a point just before the grace note for it work?

Yes, that’s right: but I think Shift+Alt+Space (which is the shortcut for Play > Play From Start of Flow) should include the pre-roll.