grace note slur collision with accidental next note

When adding a slur to a grace note which connects to a note with an accidental, the slur collides and disappears under the accidental. Maybe this is mentioned already?

Those collisions will be automatically resolved in the next update.

Thanks. Good to read.

That’s great, thanks!

I hope the following will be addressed, too:
When trying to invert the position of a slur connecting a grace note with a following ordinary note with the mouse, it is impossible to make it stay with those two notes – either the beginning will jump to the note preceding the grace note or the end will jump to the note that follows the first note after the grace note.
After checking “direction” in the properties panel this behavior disappeared.
Is Dorico intended to behave this way? If the answer is yes, why? When I work with the mouse, shouldn’t the properties panel rather follow?
And since I’m at it, is there a general “invert” shortcut like the goode olde ‘x’ in Sibelius or do I have to use the mouse / the properties panel or the menu (for inverting note stems) as a default? Couldn’t find anything related in the manual – at least not under “slurs”… sorry if I missed the obvious…

By using the mouse here, you’re fighting the software. If you want to invert the direction of a slur, use the Direction setting in the Properties panel.

That’s the point. Dragging the slur to its new location and have the properties panel follow / update on its own would seem the obvious thing to me, when it comes to intuitive usage. Having it not behave this way leaves me fighting :wink:

Well the way it works is that some of the properties DO follow what the mouse does, but only the properties that contain continuous data. That’s mainly coordinates for things like offsets - numbers. Properties that are discrete data - like a slur shape - do not update automatically.

I’m a lowly user, but for what it’s worth I wouldn’t want slur directions to automatically update based on where I dragged the handles. It would lead to certain slurs being impossible to achieve!

Yet another thing:

Clicking grace note leaves the “phantom” note hanging on the cursor in its normal size. I have to input a note somewhere (it will be a normal note) – this disengages the grace note button –, then click grace note again. Only then it accepts the command and the phantom note@cursor is updated to grace note size, too.

Happens when I start to edit with nothing selected.

Since there is a workaround, I get along with it. This is a bug, though…

It’s true that you can’t start grace note input from a standing start using only the mouse, and this is something we may address in the future, though it’s a bit problematic and infrequently reported, so it’s not our highest priority.

On your earlier point that you expect dragging a slur to change its direction property, I’m afraid I can’t agree that this is a good idea. I do agree, though, that it would be nice to have a keyboard-friendly way of changing the direction of a slur, and that is something we do plan to address in future.