Grace note slurs on import xml

How to remove all the slurs or change the strange length of an import xml grace notes (from sibelius)?

Hi @Dup

if you want to remove all slurs: select all with command(control)+A, or the passage with the Marquee tool or using the System track. Right click and Filter/(select only)/Slurs, and press delete.

The slurs have a rhythmical start and end position, the start position in your case happens to include the grace note: if you want the slur to begin from the normal notes, you have to change this manually (selecting the slur and dragging the start position point to the right).

For the “strange” position of the G grace note: the slur in this case seems to be (interpreted by the XML conversion as) a tie between the Gs, which maybe causes the different spacing. Try to delete/untie it (select the G grace note and press U) and write a slur, instead?

In general you can also try selecting the bar (clicking on an empty place in the five lines), and choose menu Edit/Reset Position.

You can also try choosing different settings (unchecking them) from Preferences/Music XML import before reimporting your XML.

Thanks it was here xlm problem but:

  • before
  • after “U” then “S”
    not the same flavour as the original I re-copy: the slur or tie looks to me a little stange (far away from notes)

As I have other things in my visual memories I still consulted the book of Elaine Gould - Behind the bars to look at examples:
So finally in doubt of my knowledge I will remove all these slurs ( I tried to changed in engrave option->grace notes-> slur but didn’t found the winning trifecta) to finish the re-copy
Thanks to point me to “U”, it solved the import interpretation

Hi @Dup

this particular distance is probably caused by the #, and the slur trying to avoid collisions and clutters.

Try to set this (global ) options in Engraving Options:


You can also fine adjust the start and end points manually in Engrave mode as desired…

Thanks for your time and perhaps curiosity about the subject

in fact I had never really asked myself the question of these grace notes before having to copy something down…and I come to the same conclusion that it must be done manually in engrave mode.

To test out of curiosity, I took another example to copy:

re-copy without adjustment in Dorico give me:

After about more than ten adjustments in engrave mode:

But I’m not a perfectionist enough to do it often, so I’m going to stop using slurs, besides there are a lot of people who don’t use them.
And the primary goal of this post was to remove the strangest things from importing an xlm and you gave me the solution.
Thanks again