Grace note stubbornly before bar line

I have a situation where a grace note is appearing before a bar line and I need it after the bar line, but it will not move. I have tried all the obvious:

  1. Checked properties, which DOES have the “Grace note before barline” UNCHECKED
  2. Various copying and pasting solutions, such as copying the second half of the measure, to the first, creating a new file, copying from that
  3. Deleting the surrounding measures and re-entering.

I did discover while preparing the Dorico file for upload that deleting the piano part fixes the grace-note problem, but I’m not able to do anything useful with this information.

So, any help appreciated. Please see attached. (423 KB)

I guess what you really want is the cello grace note after the bar line and the piano grace notes before it.

Dorico aligns the grace notes in all the staves, so you can’t do that. See Weird grace note positioning problem - #2 by Rob_Tuley - Dorico - Steinberg Forums for a work round.

If you select al four grace notes and tick/untick the property, it should be applied.

Thank you, Rob!