Grace notes as triplets

Is it possible: “grace notes as triplets”. I do not find any possibility. Here is the example:


Thanks in advance, I hope it is not a repeated request…

Hmm. Not without a workaround. You could bodge this using nested tuplets, manual beaming and manual scaling of the little notes.

Thanks Leo, effort and benefit are not in proportion here. It is a pity that this possibility does not yet exist.

I’m not sure that these can really be seen as grace notes, though. The triplets, maybe, but that little Db tied over from the previous bar?

Anyway, it’s pretty quick - I spent more time faffing with slurs for tuplets than anything else, and that’s really a different question.

Why not using a normal grace and adding a text 3? If you need something special in playback you can add a sounding staff…

Thanks for both ideas. Great video ,Leo .Thanks