Grace notes at end of bar, then clef change

I came across the following problem:
First bar is a trill, ending with two grace notes.
Then there is a clef change for the second bar.

To write the two grace notes I put them to the first note in bar two and move them back via the property panel to be in front of the bar-line.
That is a brilliant solution in Dorico by the way, after having fiddled around in Sibelius for nearly 20 years in these cases…

Now the crucial bit: if I input the clef change, the clef moves in front of the two grace notes (obviously), as they belong to the next note. Musically though they belong to the trill note in the previous bar, as they just show the resolution of the trill. So I need the clef change after the grace notes.

How can I get the desired result in Dorico?
Thank you for help.

Hi !
This one is quite easy :
Select the new clef and invoke the context menu.

Voilà !

Capture d’écran 2019-07-14 à 09.20.22.png

Super, thank you Marc!!