Grace notes before bar or not?

I’ve got a project where for some measures Dorico is putting the grace notes (at the beginning of the bar) in the bar before, but I don’t want that. Toggling in the inspector (bottom pane) doesn’t solve problem. Some measures before and after I’ve forced them before, but on this bar I don’t want that but am getting that all the same. Is there maybe a bug? Any way around this?

Many thanks

Are there other grace notes in other staves at the same rhythmic location? If so, you can’t have some after the barline and others before the barline (though this is recognised as a limitation and may be improved in future). Really your only way round it is with the Note Spacing tool.

jamwerks, grace notes in Dorico work very reliable, so far I have not heard of problems with them.
How do you input the grace notes?
Are you doing a lot of manual tweaking on the layout?

No tweeking, inputting normally. I think now that Pianoleo is right. On other staves at same position I have some grace notes that serve as the of a trill and are before the bar. That must be why these input directly as showing in the previous bar. I’ll do some fancy work to get over that limitation.

Many thanks to Pianoleo (again), and k_b for your time !!!

Just pitching in to say, yes please!! I have the same problem currently in a project where I have melodic instruments finishing trills with grace notes before the barline to show how to finish the trill, and concurrent flams in some percussive parts where of course I want the grace notes at the start of the bar rather than the end of the prior one.

Daniel will probably remember that I have grumbled about this design since version 1.0, but I just found another problem with it:

Suppose you have divisi section that ends with a trill and a turn in each part. The “designed” place for the grace notes in the turn is attached to the first note of the next bar. But you can’t have two sets of grace notes applied to each divisi part, so you get nonsense like the attachment.

If you fix that by extending the divisi for another bar, and then you can’t have a clean system break where the unison starts…

Kicking the can down the road to solve the problem doesn’t work, when you run out of road!
grace notes at end of divisi.png

Since Dorico tries to be as semantic as possible (one of its greatest strengths), I would imagine that the most semantic way of handling this would be for Dorico to treat grace notes and turns at the end of trills as two separate and distinct items. Turns aren’t really grace notes before the barline – they’re part of the trill. I would love to see some kind of turn feature added to trills that’s separate from grace notes.