grace notes before repeat barline


  1. I have two grace notes after a trill before a barline; all fine but when I change this barline into a repeat it moves the grace notes after the repeat barline. I have set the properties below correctly for both notes.
    Any ideas, I searched the forum but no luck.

  2. I would like the barline at the end of a system to be closed; it was on the list of things to be done a year ago.
    Any news on this matter?

Thanks in advance!

There is a “before the barline” option in the grace notes properties, but you are right: it does not work with repeat barlines? I agree that it should be possible to move grace notes before the repeat barline for those situations in which the music demands it.

Thank you, Derrek, for taking the time.


Is it still not possible to place grace notes before a repeat bar line? The following required extensive repositioning of the notes and spacing:

Yes, it is still not possible.

A variant on the old Sibelius workaround works quite well for me: Add your grace notes to a dummy 1/16 note in a different voice at the end of the bar. Hide the notehead/stem and suppress playback. Remove rests. Nudge the graces to the right.

That’s much better than what I did. I am always glad I asked about these things. Thank you, Janus.