Grace notes beginning of flow / pre-roll, not quite working

I can get grace notes at the beginning of flow two to play, as long as the music is starting before that flow (in other words, anywhere in flow 1.)

However, when I want to export playback files, Dorico gives me all the movements as individual movements (which suits me fine), but the grace notes at the beginning of flow two and on are not recorded.

I DO have the “preroll” set with sufficient time to play back those grace notes.
However, Dorico isn’t putting them in the audio file I export.

Is there something I am missing?

No, I suspect not – it may well be that we are only applying the pre-roll at the start of the first flow. I’ll double-check this.

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thank-you Daniel.

it DOES play the grace notes when I play the whole file from start to finish.
it’s only when I export the audio that it does not.

it’s not a MAJOR issue, but it would be nice to hear trrrrrrr…THUMP rather than just THUMP! (it starts with a little upward run and then a huge orchestral tutti)

For now, would it work to add an empty 1st measure–just for export?

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yeah, that would work, but I’m loath to alter the printing file.
I’d have to have a separate “performance” file, I guess.

shivers remembrances of Finale days past…

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