Grace notes in parts

When I make grace notes in full score, it does not appear in parts. Why?

How are you making grace notes? Are there are any real notes, or only grace-notes?

In full score are grace notes and also real notes.Grace notes I make from real notes using properties panel.

No, that’s not how you make grace notes. That’s how you scale regular notes down in size so that they’re smaller, but those are not grace notes.

But shouldn’t they still be showing up in the parts, regardless?

They probably ARE showing in the parts, just not scaled down. Propagate Properties could be used to transfer the scaling into the parts.

O.K. Thanks!

I know it has already been asked a while ago, and even though I know how to input grace notes (appoggiature and accaciature) I think it would be nice to have a “gracing” feature (just like the tuplefying function) to gain efficiency.

That would be wonderful. Select notes, type slash.

I’ll third that motion!