Grace notes length– Dorico keeps crashing


When I select multiple grace notes in my project and try to adjust their length in the Piano roll window, Dorico Keeps crashing. Should I join the log file or my project file in a private message?


Another thing : since Dorico crashed, NotePerformer no longer works in the projet file. It does not recognize the NotePerfomer playback template and get stuck to the message when you open the VST instance for the first time. I tried to delete the VST and put it again but this doesn’t seem to work…

Francis, in what sense are you lengthening the grace notes? What will lengthening grace notes (in Piano roll) help you achieve? (I ask simple to understand your goal, not to suggest you shouldn’t.)

Try reapplying the NP Playback Template in Play mode to see if that helps with your second question.

You can very likely cut your project down to a minimal example that will still reproduce the crash. Please provide that, a set of steps to reproduce the crash, and a set of diagnostics, and we’ll be glad to take a look.

Hi Derrek and Daniel,

It seems I can no longer reproduce this bug. I’ll post here if it happens again.
Derrek, I wanted the grace notes to be a bit shorter than what Dorico playback proposes. That’s what I had to change their duration in the piano roll (maybe I used the wrong word?).
Reapplying the NP Playback template didn’t work for me so I had to go back to an autosaved version to continue my work. But I don’t have the “corrupted file” anymore.


Francis, thank you for explaining. I do not think your word was wrong, I just needed a little more info to help me understand.

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There is an option Default grace note length on the Timing page of Playback Options that allows you to shorten the default length of grace notes if you wish.


Thanks Daniel, I’ll look into it!