grace notes: little glitch or improvement?

Hello, I added two grace notes to the first note in the bar; they appeared in front of the bar line. Oh, an improvement of Doricos’ behaviour?
I went into the Property Panel to toggle the switch for the grace notes to go in front of the bar line - nothing happened, strange. I anyway wanted the grace notes to appear in front the bar line, so I left it that way.
Though I noticed - when switching from score to the part - here the grace notes where after the bar line…

Please attach the project in which this occurs. Grace notes will only go to the left of the barline if the ‘Grace note before barline’ property is set.

Thank you Daniel, I sent you the project file as attachment to your email address.

I’m pretty sure I have seen this happen on a project that was originally imported from MusicXML. In fact the grace notes before the bar line were what I wanted anyway, and I haven’t started formatting the parts yet.

Maybe this is similar to some odd behaviour in the past when importing hidden tuplet numbers and brackets, where IIRC the properties to hide the objects were set but didn’t appear visually in the properties panel.

My project has not been imported via music.xml.
I did some work on it in Dorico Elements though before porting it to Dorico Pro.

By design, when you have grace notes at the same rhythmic position in multiple instruments, they will all be spaced against each other, and if the grace notes are set to appear before the barline in one layout, they will appear before the barline in all layouts. In your project, the grace notes at the same position in the piano part are set to appear before the barline, so that’s also what happens in the violin part.

I know this horse has been inconclusively flogged to death years back, but that scenario is just wrong, if the grace notes on one staff are the end of a trill, and the other staff has an appoggiatura at the start of the next bar.

Yes, we’re aware (it took ages to clear up the chunks of rotting horse meat).

Thank you Daniel, this makes perfectly sense (at least in my case), as the piano reduction is displaying the same music.

Yes, we’re aware (it took ages to clear up the chunks of rotting horse meat).

You crack me up, Daniel.