grace notes of snare drum and NotesPerformer

In the following example, Dorico does not play grace notes.

Does Dorico note process the notes, or does NotesPerformer not process them? I am asking here first.
If Dorico sends the notes to NotesPerformer, then I will ask it to NotesPerformer development team.

Dorico certainly plays grace notes on percussion. You can verify that if you change to use the ‘HSSE+HSO (Pro)’ playback template.

Thanks, I will report it to NotesPerformer development team.


I submitted my file to NotesPerformer team, and I have received the following answer:

I have the same problem here. But I can see that the problem isn’t in NotePerformer, but Dorico simply aren’t playing the grace notes.

I tried deleting all notes but a series of grace notes, and the note they’re attached to, and Dorico only sends a single MIDI NOTE ON for all these notes. Going by the length of that note, it’s the main note only that’s being played, and the grace notes are ignored.

Unfortunately I have no idea why that is. The same problem happens with Halion sounds.

Sorry for not being able to resolve this. I would recommend updating the thread with the information that it doesn’t work in Halion, either. You could delete everything but a bar of notes from the snare, and attach to the forum, for example, and I’m sure they’ll be able to troubleshoot it for you.

Best regards,

Great. Now do what they told you to do - attach that file up here…

This is only some extracts from the file:

I privately sent another file to Daniel.
Here, I cannot attach the other parts because it is not my piece.
If you need the complete parts of the first page, I will send it privately.

This appears to be a regression from Dorico 2.2, where the grace notes are played properly. We’ll look into what’s gone wrong.

Thank you!